Seagull Works always takes care to renew its equipment, following the latest evolutions of digital technology era.

  • 2 HASSELBLAD H3D-II39 digital cameras, with a full set of HASSELBLAD lenses, fixed focal lenght 28mm f4, 80mm f2,8, 120mm f4 macro, 150mm f3,2 and variable focal length 50-110mm f3,5-4,5
  • 1 CAMBO ULTIMA 45 Architectural Photography Camera, with Schneider APO DIGITAR 90mm f4.5 lens
  • SONY A99ii, A99 και A900 Digital Cameras, with full set of SONY lenses, non-fixed focal length (35mm f1.8, 50mm f2,8 macro) and variable focal length (24-70mm f2,και 70-200 f2,8)
  • Digital Motion Picture Camera SONY FS-5 with lens E PZ 18-110mm F4 GOSS
  • Recording Monitor ATOMOS SHOGUN INFERNO 7″ 4K SDI-HDMI
  • SONY MPW EX-3 Digital Videocamera
  • GoPro3 silver and GoPro3 Black
  • Scanner EPSON V700
  • Broncolor , Lowel και F&V lighting systems